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Bangkok shopping itinerary

Bangkok is a city of dichotomy. Gleaming steel and glass skyscrapers reside comfortably next to ancient Buddha Temples. High concept Malls with high end fashion and night-time flea markets coexist without one eating the other. While there are many a seedy stories to come out of Bangkok, there is still a wonderful city that is ripe for exploration.

PS: Our trip was mostly shopping, less “experiences”, very little culture, please scout other blogs for better planning but if you want tips and tricks on shopping in Bangkok –look no further, read our complete blog on what we did here.


Best time to go to Bangkok:

Anytime! Maybe Oct-December when it is not too hot

Where to stay

Sukhumvit district is quite central, maybe also look for the proximity to sky train station. We stayed at Mind Executive Suites and it was great, perfectly comfy and convenient, could not fault for anything!

How to get around

Taxis were the most convenient or tuk-tuk rides but Bangkok traffic can be stressful. Sky Trains are very convenient way to fly away from the blocked roads.

Where to eat

Bangkok is famous for its haute restaurants and street but not an easy feat for vegetarians; travelling with parents so we were little less experimental. We found saras to be perfectly suited to everyone’s needs. With vegetarian Indian and Thai dishes to suit every palate and would recommend everyone try it.

When you go:

Day 1: Start from Wat Pho (100 baht), home to the famous reclining Buddha covered in gold-leaf and the splendid courtyard with 91 stupas and vibrant mosaics. Continue and visit Wat Benjamabhopit (free), Marble temple with stunning Buddha statue. We could not visit The Grand Palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha and Wat Arun were closed for a visit for a new year’s concert but they are also worth a visit.

Day 2 to infinity: Shopping, shopping and more shopping

Start with Terminal 21 – .designed as an airport terminal building and each floor is a different city and the shops on that floor adhere to that theme. You are literally going around the world. The shops here are mostly independent designers and the prices tend to be on the more expensive side but the experience is like nowhere else.

MBK1 and 2 and the Platinum mall – For the latest in fashion at throwaway prices, over 2 thousands shops in each overflowing with women’s clothes and accessories. A few tips when shopping here:

Night markets at Patpong and one outside Platinum – Less clothes and more fun like personalised passport covers, key chains, fairy lights and so much more. Our favourite purchase from here was the resin Buddha bust which sits on our fireplace mantle.

 Shopping Tips:

  • Buying in bulk (2-3 pieces or more) will generally guarantee a better rate
  • The shopkeepers tend to a bit edgy, a smile and a polite tone goes a long way
  • There are no changing rooms so be sure of what you are buying. They usually say one size fits all – not the case
  • Bargaining is acceptable practice but the malls are geared towards bulk buyers and they won’t go down to 1/3 of the price – save that for the street shopping.
  • Carry an empty travel bag, easy to drag then lift

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